Personalized Training

UpdatedFriday March 29, 2019 byExtreme Sports Group.

Why Train? There are 4 reasons that you should consider a powerful training program: 

  1. Practice makes perfect? - NOT SO! Club and school practices alone will not develop the skills necessary to be a #1 player.  You must keep your skill development at optimum level to be able to compete with your opponents.  Personal training offers one on one time with a qualified trainer who’s goal is to make your child a better player.
  2. Competitive Advantage - To keep a competitive edge against your opponents we offer tactical training.  Tactical training is best in a small group or one on one.  Even the best player can get better by learning specialized tactics for specialized situations. 
  3. It takes a village to raise a child - Well likewise it takes a team to develop the best athletes.  By teaming up with a professional trainer your child will gain a well rounded perspective of the game, which overall will make them more marketable for scholarships and a better overall player for the team.
  4. Specialized Attention - With one on one or small group attention the focus can be driven to improve in an area of weakness or simply get better in an area of strength.

Why Choose Magic Moves Academy?

  1. Magic Moves makes a connection with club coaches to assess the students overall skill level to prepare a focused individual training program designed to meet the needs of each student.
  2. The Academy has graduated top seeded players into various colleges in the United States. 
  3. Many of our players are top ranked locally, regionally, & nationally.

Training Offerings

Magic Moves Academy offers one on one or small group training 7 days a week! If interested in learning more about training with us, please email: